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Established in the year 1999 in New Delhi, India by Ar. Ajay Gulati & Ar. Kanika Gulati, Our Firm consists of a team of experienced principals, and younger talent trained at the finest institutions of India. We take pride in providing our clients with the highest level of services in the fields of Architecture, Interior designing, residential building design, commercial building designs, Hospital Designs, Industrial Architecture, Project Management Consultancy, Home furnishings, Home Art, Commercial Art & 3D visualizations of various projects.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of architecture and interior designing and a unique methodology of approach to design, we use our detailed understanding of materials, design capabilities, space analysis and combine it with technology to create 3-Dimensional images and walk-through of the space to provide our client with a complete picture of the end result even before the project has begun.

Our latest endeavor is to promote the Green Building concept in India through our designs, to create sustainable built environments which use less water, optimize energy efficiency, conserve natural resources, generate less waste and provide healthier space for occupants as compared to conventional buildings. We thus offer design solutions that enable a built space to consume less water, less electricity, require less heating and air-conditioning, produce less waste and provide a healthier habitat

We offer services in the fields of Architecture, Interior designing, residence designs, commercial buildings & Green Building Designs

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55, Basement, West Avenue Road, West Punjabi
Bagh, New Delhi – 110026

Phone No. 9354483235


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Women Of Stone-2021


India Most Prominent Architect Award-2019

Brand Icon 2019

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